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Mera Sarveshwar Mera Shyam

Mera Sarveshwar Mera Shyam is a spiritual yatra seva mandal for pilgrims to three holy places Khatu Shyam Dham, Salasar Dham, and Mehandipur Dham. Founded by Shri Mohit Kumar, MSMS is committed to offering high-quality and affordable pilgrimage services to these sacred places. Our founder, Mohit Kumar, has been a devout follower of Hinduism for many years and understands the importance of undertaking a spiritual journey to seek divine blessings. He established MSMS with the aim of providing a comfortable and hassle-free pilgrimage experience to fellow devotees.

At MSMS, we believe that every pilgrim should have the opportunity to visit these sacred sites without any inconvenience. Our members are dedicated to providing personalized services to ensure that our yatris can have a seamless and comfortable yatra. MSMS takes care of all your yatra arrangements, including transportation, accommodation, and meals, to make your pilgrimage a memorable experience. Our itineraries are designed to ensure that you can participate in all the rituals and ceremonies at the temples and seek the blessings of the deities. We also provide professional guides who have extensive knowledge about the history and significance of each site, ensuring that you have a deeper understanding of the spiritual significance of your journey.

Our Mission & Vision


Mera Sarveshwar Mera Shyam’s mission is to make yatra to Khatu Dham, Salasar Dham, and Mehandipur Dham as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Our members want to give our yatris a remarkable experience that meets their needs because they are aware of the spiritual value that these holy locations hold for them. Throughout the yatra, our main priorities are yatris satisfaction, comfort, and safety. And to accomplish this, we offer dependable transportation, knowledgeable guide, and high-calibre services tailored to our yatris’ requirements. MSMS is committed to establishing lasting connections with our clients by providing individualised service and cost-effective solutions.


The vision of MSMS is to establish itself as the most trustworthy and reliable seva mandal for visitors to Khatu Dham, Salasar Dham, and Mehandipur Dham. By providing the best spiritual yatra experience that goes above and beyond for our yatris, we hope to become recognised as a premier yatra seva mandal in India. Our main goals are to improve our Yatris spiritual experiences by providing them with the proper knowledge of these holy places. We hope to see Mera Sarveshwar Mera Shyam become synonymous with faith, spirituality, and great seva mandal in the future. Join us as we seek to realise our vision on this road of growth and prosperity.

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